Name: Madlen Nikolaeva Staikova-Algafari
Contact address: 1000 Sofia, 3 Chumerna Str.
Telephone: (+) 359 (0) 2 983 11 99
Date of birth: 04.11.1967, Sofia
Marital status: married, two children
Occupation: psychotherapist, writer, interpreter (translator), producer


1981 - 1985 French Language School "Henri Barbusse", Vratsa- gold medal (with honours)
1985 - 1986 Typewriting and stenography course - Republican champion (stenography) for high-school students in 1986
1986 - 1991 Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski", Faculty of Philosophy, speciality: Psychology, Valedictorian, winner of the prize "Prof. Gencho Piryov"
1987 - 1991 Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski" jointly with The National Academy for Theatre & Film Arts "Krustyo Sarafov"- speciality: Drama and Puppet Theatre Directing


1995 - 1999 Institute of Psychology and Psychotherapy at the West Deutsche Academy at the Westdeutsche Akademie, Düsseldorf - Mühlheim, Germany, together with the Medical Academy in Sofia and Sofia University "St. Kliment Ochridski", International Academy of Exchange and Development of Culture and Science, Lugano, Switzerland- specialization in Analytical Psychotherapy- Neoreichian school
1998 University of Oxford /visiting professors in Bulgaria- course of cognitive behavioral therapy
2008 The association for the advancement of meridian energy techniques & Calamus International University- bioenergy therapeutic techniques: BSFF, TAT, EFT
2009 - „Mindfulness"- based cognitive therapy for psychological disorders- Fabrizio Didonna, Psy D, Professor of CBT- Italian Institute for Mindfulness


1990 - 1991 Bulgarian Red Cross- "Telephone of Confidence"- psychologist -consultant
1991 - Interpreter in Agency for International Help
1991 - 1995 Bulgarian National Television- editor and hostess (programmes "Cuckoo","Voin" /Warrior/, "Anonsi" /Announcements/ of the Civil Protection Office)
1992 - the author of a documentary named "Manly girls or women"- for the first female class in Bulgarian Army
1996 Author's documentary "Psychoanalysis", broadcast on Channel 1, Bulgarian National Television
Since 1995 First studio in Analytical Psychotherapy - psychotherapist
Since 1998-2001 Advisor for Bulgaria of the International Academy of Exchange and Development of Culture and Science, Lugano, Switzerland
Since 1998-2001 President of the Bulgarian Neoreichian Society (Society of the psychotherapists practicing Neoreichian analytical psychotherapy)
Since 1998 - Supervisor and lecturer in analytical psychotherapy, psychoantropology, sexotherapy, chromotherapy, psychodiagnostics, body language, dance therapy and bioenergetic massage at the Training Institute of Body Psychotherapy, successor of the International Academy of Exchange and Development of Culture and Science, Lugano, Switzerland and the Institute of Psychology and Psychotherapy at the West Deutsche Academy, Düsseldorf - Mühlheim, Germany
2000 Member of the Artistic Council of the Bulgarian National Television
Since 2003 - monthly meetings all over the country, organized by regional libraries and community centers, related to the presentation of the books and free discussions on psychological topics with the audience.
2003 Lecturer in "Psychology of perception of audio-visual products" in a private Art College, Sofia
2000-2005 Host of the rubric "Psychotherapy" of the programme "Na kafe" /Meeting for coffee/ in Nova Television and psychological rubrics in the magazines "Club M", "Za men" /For me/, "24 chasa" /24 hours/newspaper, "Za zhenata" /For the woman/ magazine etc.
2003 Published book "I Have No Rest"- poetry and psychology
2006 Published book "I Have Faith"- psychotherapy through poetry and prose, description of therapeutic cases
2006-2008 Author of the rubric "Psychotherapy" and "Graphology" in "Na kafe" magazine
2007 Published book "We all can fly", accompanied with a CD Rom-(own poems, fairy-tales, songs - psychotherapy in rhymes and sounds from the nature) intended for people with impaired vision
2008 Psychologist for the first season of the television programme "Extreme Makeover" on Nova Television
2008 - participation in VIII International Congress on Body Psychotherapy - Paris
2009 - a finalist in the second edition of the Bulgarian format of the TV show "Dancing Stars".
2010 - participation in XII EABP Congress of Body Psychotherapy. Leader of workshop "Neo-Reichian Bioenergetic Massage"
2010 Publised book "Fairytales for Grown-Up Children" - 36 therapeutic fairytales with deep archetypical messages at the dawn of the spiritual revolution
2010 - participation in the XII congress of the European association of body psychotherapy – Vienna, Austria - Medical University. Led a workshop on the topic of: "Bioenergetic massage"
2011 - Member of the Board of Directors of the foundation "Institute of Body Psychotherapy" - for postgraduate specialisation in analytical Neo-Reichian body psychotherapy
2011 - published "Hunger for True Things". The book is comprised of 3 sections - 1. poetry; 2. short answers to questions in 3 areas (children-parents, men-women, health-sickness); 3. meditations towards contact with the inner healer, inner wisdom, forgiveness, conversation with the body, and the link between people and god. The third part of the book "Hunger for True Things" is in both audio and written form. The CD contains the narrative of the meditations with the voice of the author on a background of natural sounds.
Oct. 2011 - participation in the IX International Congress of Psychotherapy in Venezuela. Lead the workshop "Bioenergetic Gymnastics and Dance Therapy"
Nov. 2011 - participation in the II National Congress of the Italian Association of Body Psychotherapy
2011 - on behalf of the Institute of Body Psychotherapy, organisation of a School for Grown-ups - lectures with open doors on psychotherapeutic topics: The First Seven, Aggression in Children, Addictions, Relationships, The National Character, My Child Studies Abroad, The Crises, The Relationship Between Body Symptoms and Psychological Reasons
2011 - on behalf of the Institute of Body Psychotherapy - contract with the Ministry of Education and Science for carrying out trainings in Bulgarian schools with the participation of children, parents and teaches with the aim to improve communication between them
2011 - author of the chapter "Prevention and Prophylaxis of Mental Health" in the so-called White Book of Bulgarian Health-Care
2011 – participation in a workshop on body psychotherapy – Budapest, Hungary
2012 – participation in a workshop on body psychotherapy – Kyoto, Japan
2012 – president of the board of directors of the Institute for body psychotherapy - Bulgaria, wich is accredited since March 2012 by the Forum of Training institutes of EABP
2012 – participation in the XIII congress of the European association of body psychotherapy – Cambridge, UK. Led a workshop on the topic of: "The body remembers the shortest way to pleasure". Chosen to be part of the organizational committee of the XIV congress of EABP – Lisbon, Portugal, 2014
2012 – lecturer in body psychotherapy in "Scuola Biosistemica" – Bologna, Italy
2012 – participation in the III international meeting "The body and the culture of movement" – Natal, Brazil
2012 – led a workshop on dance therapy in Natal, Brazil on behalf of "Scuola Biosistemica" – Italy
2012 – published book "How to fall ill best. A guide with 365 hints for ill-fallers"
2012 - publishing "Fairytales for Grown-Up Children" in Serbia with the publishing agency PI-Press
2013 - led a workshop in Israel during the meeting of the Forum of training instituts - EABP on the topic of "Experiencing my personal story and the history of the world through my body"
2013 - publication on Amason's e-books in English: "Fairy Tales for grown-up children", Alternative therapy for depression", " Alternative therapy for anorexia", " Alternative therapy for panic disorder" and " How to fall ill best"
2008 - 2014 - meetings and workshops with the Bulgarian communities in Göteborg, London, Malaga, Chicago, Seattle, New York, Atlanta.
2014 - participation in the XIV European and X International Congress of body psychotherapy in Lisbon. Led the workshop "Therapy of the seven movements." Publication of the article "Therapy of the seven movements" in the book with the congress articles.
2014 - published book "From "What would other people say?" to "What do I choose?"- Psychoantropological dissection of the contemporary Bulgarian with reflections on the following topics: what makes us Bulgarians different, what are our fears, how do we cope with the crisis, what is spiritual intelligence, is there a spiritual revolution today, what does it mean to be grown-up children, where are we going, what is happening with masculinity and femininity today, what are our diseases saying, what are the true things in life, what would other people say and what I want to tell them. The book has 700 co-authors, who have voluntarily given their opinions on the aforementioned topics.
2014 - lecture on the “Therapy of the Seven Movements” at the Psychology Department in New School University – New York.
2014 – workshops with the Bulgarian immigrant communities in Chicago, New York, and Atlanta.
2015 – member of the international committee for students’ thesis assessment towards the training institutes of EABP
2015 – published book “I feel, therefore I am” – essayistic dictionary of feelings and emotions. Chemistry and physics of feelings and emotions, alchemy and metaphysics of feelings and emotions. Or how to live through the heart in order to achieve wisdom.
2015 – won the translation of her works in Swedish through a contest organised by the Swedish Writers’ Union.
2015 – meeting with readers and workshops on the topics “The First Seven Years” and “Intimate Relationships” with the Bulgarian community in London.
2015 – led a series of online webinars on psychotherapeutic topics for the Bulgarians both living in Bulgaria and abroad .
2015 - Publication of the article "Neo-Reichian Analytical Psychotherapy" in the annual journal of the Bulgarian Association of Psychotherapy "Psychotherapeutic Approaches and Practices"
2015 - Participation in the "Freedom of Being" festival with a lecture on the topic "I feel, therefore I am"
2015-2016 - work with teachers, parents and students in "Ivan Vazov" school, Pleven, Bulgaria
2016 - publication of the article "Cultural identity and differences that determine the therapeutic process" in the annual journal of the BAP "Identity and Differences"
2016 - Workshop "Breathing practices and relaxation techniques" with the Bulgarian community in London, UK
2016 - Participation in the 15th European congress of body psychotherapy in Athens, Greece
2016 - Workshop "The ability to speak in public" with the Bulgarian community in London, UK
2016 - Participation in the "Freedom of Being" festival with a lecture on the topic of "Anger - love's ally"
2016 - Training in being a supervisor with Francois Lewin - Paris, France
2017 - Attended and gave a workshop at the congress of the Bulgarian Association of Psychotherapy
2017 - Took part in the III international meeting of fairytale authors and therapists in Sintra, Portugal
2017 - Completed a supervision teaching course with Christian Leven - France and Rubens Kignel - Brazil
2017 - Article in the annual journal of the Bulgarian Association of Psychotherapy, “The Metamorphosis of Suffering”
2017 - Published book “Way of the Heart” - shared experiences throughout the Camino de Santiago
2017 - Award by the Bulgarian Association of Psychotherapy for overall contribution to the development and establishment of body psychotherapy in Bulgaria
2017 - Participation in the IX national conference of the Bulgarian Association of Psychotherapy
2017 - published article "Therapy of the 7 movements" in the annual collection of BAP.
2018 - published book "Corrective exam for parents".
2018 - participation in the 16-the congress of EABP - Berlin. Presentation: "The body during socialism".
2018 - Editor in Chief of the International Body Psychotherapy Journal, edited by EABP and USABP.
2020 - Published book "Silence therapy" - in two parts: The psychotherapeutic role of the silenсе; Poetry.
2020 - 6 of my books are included in the library of the Congress of USA: "Farytales for grown up children", "How to fall ill best", "Alternative therapy for anorexia", "Alternative therapy for depression", Alternative therapy for panic disorder". - in English and "Corrective exam for parents"- in Bulgarian.


• Psychosomatic problems. Analytical psychotherapy, cognitive-behavioral, psychodrama, art-therapy etc.
• Individual and group psychotherapy: existential problems, conflicts in couples, psychodiagnostics, neuroses, obsessions, phobias, addictions, eating disorders, school for parents… etc.
• Personnel selection, training of work teams ("Saatchi & Saatchi" - focus groups for advertising products testing, spots, "DHL", "Oriflame - Bulgaria" - annual training of the consultants’ team, "Jeff Trading" "Procter & Gamble", "SNELLNG", "Committee for Youth and Children", "Enemona", "Actavis", "Dobrudjanski hlyab", "ICTUS- Association of Dentists in Bulgaria.
• Training of students to work under the programme for positive thinking of Foundation "Galatea"
• Supervision of the postgraduate students and interns in psychotherapy


Bulgarian Neoreichian Society, Bulgarian Association for Cognitive Psychotherapy, Section of Psychology and Pedagogy of the Union of Scientists in Bulgaria, Member of the Board of Directors of the foundation "Institute of Body Psychotherapy", Member of the Bulgarian Association of Psychotherapy, individual member of EABP, member of PR cometee of EABP.


Translation of psychological literature: "Therapy of the five movements", "Glossary of the psychology of human relationships", "ID- the story of evolution", "ВВСТ - psychology of colour"- 1996 , "The man in drawers"- 1999, "Neurosis of power", "Anorexia, bulimia, obesity caused by hyperphagia", "Evolutive Psychology", "Psycho-anthropology"- 2000, "Neoreichian Theories"- 2004, "And there he is: Homo Neuroticus normalis"- 2007- author Prof. V.A.Bernasconi, Ph.D.


French, Italian, Russian, English

Този преживелищен семинар е посветен на партньорските взаимоотношения. Какво следва след последното изречение на приказките "И заживели щастливо..."? Кои са щастливите партньорства? Как се изграждат? Какво липсва в отношенията, за да не са пълноценни и хармонични? Влюбване и любов. Ще говорим за заблудите и грешките в партньорството, за рецептите за удовлетворителните връзки. Какво означава зряло и мъдро общуване с партньора. Как се решават конфликтите. Сечението в отношенията. Какъв партньор съм на себе си и как от това зависи влизането ми във връзка. Мъжкото и женското в нас. Мястото на децата. Бъдещето на партньорските взаимоотношения.

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